Now we will apply the final two EEG electrodes. These will be applied in a slightly different manner to the earlier electrodes. 

Specifically, since these electrodes will be nestled in the hair, we will be unable to use the tape to secure them.

Unfortunately, this means the conductive paste will have to serve a second purpose – to hold the electrodes in place. Don’t worry though – a little warm water in the shower will be enough to dissolve the paste in the morning.

So, take the final two gold cup electrodes and fill them with a larger quantity of paste than we have for the earlier electrodes (see the image for a guide). 

Then, take two of the gauze squares provided and apply about a 1/2 teaspoon worth of paste to the centre of each.

We will now locate the sites, prepare them, and apply the electrodes one at a time.

*Please note: for those participants who have no hair over the areas discussed in the following steps, you are welcome to carry on using tape to affix the gold cup electrodes (filled with paste to slightly above level) in the same manner as we have done for the recent sites.

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