A/Prof Darren Mansfield


A/Prof Darren Mansfield

A/Prof Darren Mansfield is the Director of the Epworth Sleep Centre. He is the deputy director of the department of Monash Lung and Sleep at Monash Health and is the deputy chair of the Sleep Health Foundation. He is also trained in respiratory, general and intensive care medicine and has an ongoing research appointment at Monash University. He has active education and research roles with over 50 peer review research manuscripts published and was Chief Editor for Sleep Medicine, a textbook for healthcare professionals.

A/Prof Mansfield provides expertise across the full range of sleep disorders from snoring and sleep apnoea to insomnia circadian (body clock) disorders, parasomnias and disorders of excessive sleepiness. When he is not working he enjoys working on his French, spending time with his wife and two daughters and getting away for the occasional ski trip.

Current Roles: 

  • Assoc. Professor Darren Mansfield 
  • Deputy Director Monash Lung and Sleep 
  • Head Sleep Service Monash Health 
  • Director Epworth Sleep Centre 
  • School of Psychological Sciences Monash