Dr Simon Joosten


Dr Simon Joosten received his medical degree from Melbourne University in 2004, including a BMedSc dissertation in the History and Philosophy of Science. He trained in Respiratory and Sleep Medicine at Monash Health and The Royal Melbourne Hospital, receiving his specialist qualification in 2011 – including qualifications in bronchoscopy and bedside ultrasound. Whilst working as a consultant physician he completed a PhD in sleep apnoea physiology including two brief sabbaticals at Harvard University. Dr Joosten has previously been appointed as board member at both the Australasian Sleep Association and the Sleep Health Foundation. He has received over $1.3M in research fundings since 2015. 

Dr Joosten is an internationally recognised leader in state-of-the-art sleep apnoea physiology. He has pioneered clinical application of novel physiological measurements to develop deeper understanding of the mechanisms of sleep apnoea. He is trained in all areas of sleep medicine with a clear expertise bias towards obstructive and central sleep apnoea. He is a leader in the delivery of CPAP-alternative forms of treatment having published several studies on the topic in leading international journals. 

 Outside of work, Simon lives with his family in bayside Melbourne. He is a keen reader of science fiction and a fitness enthusiast with a half marathon PB of 90mins.