The first, and perhaps most important, step of the setup is to prepare the sites on the skin for good contact and impedance with the electrodes. To achieve this, we must clean the sites with the alcohol wipes provided, then use the abrasive gel to remove the excess dead skin cells from the area.

​First we will visit each site with the alcohol wipes, rubbing the area for 5-10 seconds (the wipes will dry out as you go, and you should replace them as this happens, but you should only need around 5-6 wipes in total).

Then we will apply small amount of abrasive gel to a cotton tip (see the photo for an example of how much is appropriate for each site) and gently abrade (i.e. exfoliate) the skin for at least 30 seconds or until the gel has been absorbed. Like the alcohol wipes, you may need to replace the cotton tips as necessary as you go.

We have provided an example order of the sites to follow. Click ‘Next’ and mark each off as you proceed.