Now we’ll apply the chin electrodes which, as mentioned when we prepared this area, will measure muscle tone overnight.

Prepare each electrode with the paste and tape in the same manner as the ground electrode and stick them to each prepared area on the underside of the chin. (*if the participant has facial hair and earlier prepared the alternate sites, these instructions are still applicable, just with the location transposed).

We recommend that you position the tape so that the wire runs up along the underside of your jaw in the direction of your ears.

It is also a good idea to wrap the wire from the right chin electrode around the back of the head and over the shoulder down to the headbox. This will help when we bundle the wires together later (anticipated in the photo shown here). This will be our advice for all the proceeding electrodes on the right side of the participant’s face

Insert the plugs into the respective EMG inputs on the headbox (the outermost ports on each side).