Ok we’re ready to set the first of our electrodes. Again, we’ll start at the bottom and work our way up.

​So, take the leg-movement sensors and ensure that each has two ‘sticky-dot’ electrodes attached (if one or more are missing, take some of the spares in the pack and ‘snap’ them in place on the sensor).

​If either short or long-legged sleepwear is to be worn, running each sensor down the pant leg from the waist will help avoid the leads getting tangled overnight. 

​Peel off the back of the adhesive on each of the electrodes and stick the sensors down on the prepared areas of the legs. It doesn’t matter which sensor goes on the left or right – they are interchangeable.

​Further secure the sensors to the skin with the tape provided. Be as liberal as you wish – the more we reduce the chance of the electrodes coming off the better – but be careful not to allow any of the adhesive side of the tape to show: this way it can get caught on the bedclothes and pulled off (and the electrodes along with it) with any movement during the night.

Also, don’t worry yet about plugging in the ends of the sensors – we’ll come to that shortly