Great job! We’ve finished preparing the measurement areas.

If you were planing to have a small break during the process now is the time to do so, before we begin setting all the electrodes in place.

This is also a good time to make sure that all the sites we have visited are now dry, with no lingering traces of the abrasive gel.

If any sites do have residual gel, take one of the used wipes and use it to clean the gel away to allow the area to dry.

You may also wish to prepare some of the gold cup electrodes we will be positioning shortly: we will need 8 electrodes filled to slightly above level with some of the conductive paste provided. Many people think they need to ‘colour-code’ these electrodes. This is not necessary, but if you feel such a system would be useful, then go ahead and make your own as you go.

To prepare these, ‘scoop’ up the appropriate amount of paste with the electrode cup itself, and use the lip of the paste tub to scrape off any excess – like you would to prepare butter on a knife. 

Have these electrodes nearby for our upcoming steps.