Congratulations, you have come to the last step in your self-set-up!

​Here you just need to slip on the pulse oximeter, and then you can finally start counting those sheep​

Slide the ring finger of your non dominant hand into the oximeter with a 1mm tip of the finger protruding from the opening at the end. The top of the sensor is the side with the small engraving of a fingertip.

Plug the connector into its dedicated input at the base of the device.

The cabling should run over the knuckle and the back of the hand, with a loop of tape holding the cable to the finger and a further strip of tape holding down the cable to the back of the hand.

Like the nasal cannula, this is one of the most important measurements of the study, so you should avoid (as far as you can help it) sleeping with any pressure on this sensor (i.e. sleeping with this hand under your pillow or body) as this will disrupt the signal. And if the signal is lost for any extended period of time, your physician may decide to repeat the study.

​But we’re confident that if you’ve followed these instructions, your study will yield worthy results. We further hope that you have a very good night’s sleep. Good luck!

​*The SomnoHD will begin recording automatically. There is no need to press ‘start’ or any other option.