Now we’re ready to apply some of the electrodes that will slot into the headbox.

​We’ll start with the ground electrode which will be positioned on the prepared area on the neck/shoulder.

​So, take one of the gold cup electrodes and, if it hasn’t been prepared already, ‘scoop up’ some of the conductive paste provided. The gold-cup should be filled to slightly more than level.

​Take one of the adhesive strips provided and peel the backing off. Lay the electrode along the adhesive side of the tape with the cup at one horizontal end and the wire running down towards the other.

Stick the electrode down on the prepared area of the neck/shoulder with the length of wire running forward over the left shoulder towards the headbox.

Insert the plug into the GND slot on the headbox, which is the (green-rimmed) 6th input in from the front right.